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Xron Associates, Inc. is a senior management and engineering consulting firm that provides technical, regulatory and strategic support to government and commercial firms in the U.S. and around the globe.

We deliver World Class talent to solve your most complicated technical and regulatory problems.  Our sole objective is to provide you with unparalleled nuclear and environmental services, the right technology, and proven management approaches.

For more than 13 years, Xron has been delivering success to its customers.  We have the experience you need to ensure success in a complex world.

We focus on developing innovative solutions that blend innovative management approaches, in-depth understanding of the issues and regulations, technology, and the leadership needed to deliver results. 

In our business, providing adequate protection to the public, worker and environment is the fundamental objective.  We understand how to deliver this essential outcome while balancing numerous and often competing considerations including: local shareholder concerns; technology availability; regulatory compliance; financial constraints; and policy.  Our integrated approach delivers solutions that are both effective and cost-effective. 

We are committed to bring to our clients throughout the world the experienced, proven leaders with the diverse backgrounds needed to address these multi-dimensional problems and develop innovative solutions that generate substantial cost savings. 

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Nuclear Safety Engineering Services

Xron provides nuclear safety management services for the DOE sites and commercial nuclear power plant clients. Our services include:

         Preparation of Hazard Analyses, Accident Analyses, Documented Safety Analyses, Conceptual and Preliminary Safety Design Reports, and Transportation Safety Analyses; 

         Unreviewed Safety Question process implementation;

         Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board issue response;

         Systematic development and implementation of a nuclear safety management systems;

         Management assessments and investigations;

         Implementation Verification Reviews;

         Nuclear criticality safety program implementation and criticality safety analyses; and,

         Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing support.

Xron provides nuclear safety services to commercial nuclear power plants including: reactor system design and safety analysis, containment analysis, reactor system thermal hydraulic analysis, and probabilistic risk assessments.


Xron provides environmental services to government and commercial clients. Our services include environmental permitting, hazardous and radioactive waste management consulting, compliance planning and assessments, remedial design report and remedial action planning under CERCLA, RCRA closure planning, and development of environmental management systems that have been successfully evaluated under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.

Compliance Management Systems

Xron provides services in compliance management. Our services focus on defining the work practices involved and developing the appropriate system to achieve consistent compliance with requirements while maintaining optimum operations. Activity-Based Compliance TM systems developed by Xron have been used at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory and Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Our compliance management systems have included development of environmental management systems under the ISO 14001and DOE Integrated Safety Management System. Our services include regulatory analysis, regulatory applicability determination, compliance assessment services and complete compliance system development.

Operations Support

Xron provides services to support operations, maintenance, engineering, construction and deactivation activities. Our goal is to provide support services to optimize performance in each of these areas while integrating environmental protection, safety and compliance. Our work management processes have been employed at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Savannah River Site, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Yucca Mountain Project, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant as well as at commercial nuclear power plants.

Data Systems

Xron has developed data systems to manage requirements, assessments, compliance systems and various other data to support compliance management. Our Requirements Accountability Management System (RAMS) TM , used to relate requirements to implementing processes and accountable positions is currently being employed at numerous facilities at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Similar systems have been developed for use in Operational Readiness Assessments, to manage waste acceptance requirements, and to manage the closure of compliance assessments. Our approach to data management systems is to include only what is necessary; maintaining simplicity and focus to the data management needs at hand.

Global Reach

Xron's reach is global.  The same complex technical and regulatory issues faced in the U.S. exist elsewhere.  Xron's mission is to identify and apply "best in class" solutions through our work with other governments, international financial institutions, multilateral and bilateral programs, or commercial firms.  We work with our partners to identify innovative technical approaches wherever they may be found.  We have the global experience to deliver success in today's complex teaming environments.

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