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Data Systems

Xron Associates, Inc. provides data support services and database design and implementation to manage requirements, assessments, compliance systems and various other data to support compliance management. Our Requirements Accountability Management System (RAMS) TM , used to relate requirements to implementing processes and accountable positions is currently being employed at numerous facilities at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Similar systems have been developed for use in Operational Readiness Assessments, to manage waste acceptance requirements, and to manage the closure of compliance assessments.

Our approach to data management systems is to include only what is necessary; maintaining simplicity and focus to the data management needs at hand. Unlike other requirements management tools we have seen, we believe that a database should help the user to understand and manage important data versus be a burden to maintain with extraneous information. We developed RAMS for our own use in the performance of operational reviews and requirements management assessments. Based on the interest of our clients in RAMS, we now offer it for distribution to others.

Core Competencies

Data Systems

Qualifications and Experience


  • Xron was contracted to assist in the identification of applicable requirements and implementing processes for specific facilities and processes at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and embody them in a relational database. Information was developed and populated using RAMS (version 1.2).

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

  • RAMS (version 1.0) was purchased for use by the INEEL in the late 1990s to maintain the configuration of specific program requirements and implementing processes.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

  • Developed the Waste Characterization Requirements Management System and database in 2000 and 2001. Identified requirements from seven key WIPP waste management documents including the RCRA Permit, Safety Analysis Report (SAR), TRUPACT II SAR, and Compliance Certification under 40 CFR 191. Provided services in 2002 to update the system.
  • Developed the RCRA compliance matrix and permit compliance database and configuration management process.

Requirements Accountability Management System (RAMS)

RAMS is a sophisticated requirements management system designed to help personnel manage highly complex requirements at operating facilities. RAMS operates under the premise that activities are conducted in defined buildings or areas where requirements apply to the activities or systems. In RAMS, activities are associated with requirements, requirements are associated with buildings or areas, implementing procedures (or other processes) are associated with requirements and operating and compliance personnel are associated with the implementing procedure. The result: Requirement and Accountability Management.

RAMS can manage requirements from a single regulatory discipline (for example RCRA 40 CFR 262, TSCA 40 CFR 761), or single basis document (for example a waste analysis plan, safety analysis document), or can manage requirements from many regulatory disciplines or basis documents. These requirements can be assigned to, and managed at numerous buildings or implementation areas designated by the system administrator.

RAMS is a Microsoft ACCESS TM database. System Requirements: Microsoft Windows, Microsoft ACCESS TM 2000 or above.

The RAMS main menu (featured below) provides access to the requirements management screens to all users and password protected access to the system administrator(s). From the Administrators menu, requirements are added (or imported) and assigned to buildings or areas, and implementing process information is set up and associated with the requirements. RAMS is equipped with search and sorting menus and a complete array of reporting capabilities. The Main Menu, Administrators Main MEnu, Requirement/Implementation Screen, and Reports Menu are shown below.

A sample copy of RAMS (populated with sample data) is available free of charge (Requires MS Access). (DOWNLOAD 6.3 Mb - Note that to reduce the size of the download, HELP files in RAMS were removed.) A copy of the RAMS Administrators Help Manual (MS Word) is also available (DOWNLOAD 1.3 Mb). Since Xron is often employed to perform the requirements management services to identify applicable requirements and set up RAMS, we have no single established price for the sale of the database.

Please contact us (509-946-8417) with your questions and application details.

Main Menu

Administrators Menu

Users Requirement/Implementation Screen

Reports Menu


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